Shutter Alliance is a photo community based in Hong Kong. We are united together as a group through our passion in Photography, we are made up of professional photographers, serious hobbyists, sunday photographers, businesses, artists, camera collectors, film enthusiasts and video makers.

Our mission is simple: To use the camera to create an image, to have fun in between and after. Our goal is to connect people using a camera via face to face meet, as well as through social media


What is a photo community?
A community of photographers. Simple enough, right? 

How do we determine what a photographer is?
The answer would be “anyone with a camera”  

So what is a camera?
This might sound like a silly question, but the evolution of a camera has advacned so much and so fast that today, a camera is also a phone, a cam corder and a super computer.

So now, what is a photo community?
A better answer would be, it’s a community about people.  It’s about you and I making an image using a camera. We are all coming together under a common ground of “Passion in Photography”.

Passion in Photography?
The passion in photography could mean very differently to different people.

For a camera reseller, it could be a passion in making a sale,  it could of course, also mean a “passion in making a photo”.
For a camera collector, passion is usually refers to as owning a rare camera.
Others may seek to become an artist, a reviewer, a sensation in the social media.

Either way, all types of “passion in photography” are needed in order to make our community healthy and sustainable. 


Shutter Alliance is about you, we want to amplify what you want to do in the photography sector.

Amplify? How?
An easy answer would be “Together we are strong” and “No man is an island”. 

Let us do the leg work, such as building a wesite such a this, which, btw, is a total pain the neck. Consider us as a multi media platform focusing only in photography, and as time goes by, we hope to connect with different groups and organizations for collaborative work, events that we all would enjoy.

What does Shutter Alliance get out of it ?
We sure as hell are no Saints, but we sure as heck don't intend to profit from you either.

Shutter Alliance will operate under the business discipline, we aim to become an independent and self-sustaining photo community. This is why we bring Profit and Loss into the equation. A Google Adsense has been embedded into our website, and this is as business as it gets.

Well diversified ?
We write (in English and Chinese), we video, we analogue and we digital. Sometimes we even collect cameras as well, but one thing we won't do is Sell Cameras.

We even look normal enough to be in the youtube. A healthy ecosystem needs diversification, if you think you can help, drop us a line.


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