Large Format Gathering Feb. 2018

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Shima11 is a Large Format Portrait photographer. He specializes in "With-permission" street photography where he would invite a stranger into striking a pose for him. Shima would also use an Instant film in order to pass the image to the model immediately. His unique approach in Large Format Photography has been popularized in Hong Kong

His unique approach to Large Format Photography has been widely popularized in Hong Kong

#拍片送人 系列是 司馬十一持續多年的 project, 朋友/街坊/路人/遊客都是他的攝獵對象,這些年也親眼目睹過他在街頭架好大底後隨意攔截路人的畫面,這次聚會他除了為我們簡單介紹了他愛用大底相機的理由,還替我們每位參予者拍了人像照。

Large Format instant camera vintage

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