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light lens lab

light lens lab Summicron 8 element

(中文) 光影鏡頭實驗室 aka. Light Lens Lab: 周制八枚玉

2019 年尾開始, 外國傳聞有支中國製嘅 Leica Summicron 35mm f2 八枚, 個個讚不絕口. 搵下有無 sample 相, 想用自己對眼去評, 唔想人噏我就信. 點知又搵唔到相, 以為支鏡係另一吹水鏡, 就咁無再理會 !! 講真, 作為半個 Leica 用家, 點會放 generic Leica, 仲要係中國製, 在眼內. 作為粉絲, 次次經過 L Shop 都會怪叫 “徕卡萬歲!!! ”

周制八枚玉 light lens lab review

(Eng.) 周制八枚玉 light lens lab review

The Leitz Summicron 35/2 became available in 1958, and across time there are many updates to this exceptional piece of glass. During the earlier days, a f2 aperture was considered to be a fast lens, and in all fairness,